About Us

UVic Hybrid is a group of Engineering students that design, build, and test Formula Hybrid vehicles. Our vehicles challenge the status-quo of hybrid vehicle technology, with performance and efficiency above conventional vehicles. Our team steps up to the challenges that exist when integrating diverse and fresh designs. UVic Formula Hybrid focuses upon the development of strong and well rounded students, leaders, and engineers.

Getting Involved

Want to build a hybrid vehicle that can do all this?

The best way to get involved is to come on down to sit in on a meeting. All of our meetings are held in UVic Hut Q and the meeting schedule is as follows:

Monday 7:30pm – Chassis with Jules Pare
Tuesday 8:00pm – Electrical with Akshdeep Maan
Wednesday 5:00pm – Powertrain with Cayenne Chen
Wednesday 7:30pm – Packaging with David Johnson
Thursday 7:30pm – Project Management with Chad McColm

You’re absolutely encouraged to talk to multiple subteam leads and see which one you will learn best with. Their bio’s can be found on our Meet the Team page!

If you don’t know  where you’d like to get involved come on down to the Project Management Meeting and talk to Chad or reach out to the team’s email and let us know what you’re looking for.

Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Donations

Want an opportunity to enable engineering students who are developing the future of sustainable transportation?

If you are interested in partnering, sponsoring, or donating to Uvic Formula Hybrid, please contact us at uvicformulahybrid@gmail.com. An online donation form can be found here: https://extrweb.uvic.ca/donation-forms/faculty-of-engineering. Just enter “other” and specify “UVic Hybrid” in the donation box.