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2016 Formula Hybrid Competition – Day 1: Inspection Day!

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2016 Formula Hybrid Competition – Day 1 Inspections

By Quinn Nurmeste

Day One had the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team facing both successes and challenges with regards to our student-built hybrid race car. After an early wake up to a torrential downpour, the team trailered the vehicle over to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s paddocks, where we began preparing the vehicle for electrical inspection. After the initial inspection, the team was instructed by the Formula Hybrid Competition officials to change a few electrical details, mostly regarding the team’s custom accumulator. The team pushed to fix these issues in preparation for the second inspection, taking place May 3rd. After the electrical inspection, the mechanical engineering students on the team jumped in to prepare the vehicle for mechanical inspection. The inspectors had only a few minor details for the team to change, and, as a testament  to the team’s hard work, UVic’s Hybrid Team was the first fully hybrid team at the track to pass mechanical inspection. The rest of the evening was spent working out any electrical issues we might face in preparation for another exciting day at the track. We will be releasing an update on Day Two’s events shortly, so be sure to check back and keep up on the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team’s experience at 2016’s Formula Hybrid Competition.

2 thoughts on “2016 Formula Hybrid Competition – Day 1: Inspection Day!

  • By Trish Smith - Reply

    Following your progress and truly excited for you guys. What an amazing experience for you all!

    • By uvichybrid - Reply

      Thanks so much Trish – we’ve seen you following along each day on Facebook too and we really appreciate the support! We’re having a fantastic time and we are really fortunate to have had as many testing days before the competition as we did – it’s paying off for us now! Thanks again for showing us the love!

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