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2016 Formula Hybrid – Day 3: Our dynamic dream team!

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by Quinn Nurmeste

Day Three was the first day that the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team had the opportunity to take our hybrid racecar out and run on the track. We woke up early — as usual — to cool and cloudy skies, but no rain yet, so the team took the vehicle to the acceleration test with dry tires. The acceleration test over 75 meters was successful even when it started to rain with our dry tires on. After the acceleration test, and changing the dry tires for wet tires, the team took the car to the autocross event. In our first round, we experienced a bit of an “uh-oh” moment when the car was in the slalom portion of the track and spun out because of the rain and lack of traction. However, on the next round, our driver, Evan Dickinson, was more conservative, and we managed to pull through the entire round with a fast time of 62.08 seconds. The team was rewarded when it was announced that we had the fastest time of the hybrid portion of the autocross event. After the event, the team went back to the paddock to fix an electrical issue that had come up before going to compete in the finals for the design review event. Although the results are still pending, the UVic Hybrid Team is one of the remaining top two teams in our design presentation. Tomorrow, Day Four, the final exciting day of competition will begin with the endurance test, which is a trek to complete 44 kilometers with no breakdowns. For updates on Day Four’s events and for the finale of the Formula Hybrid Competition, keep checking back!

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