A successful test day and an improved motor bracket


By Quinn Nurmeste

During the University of Victoria’s formula Hybrid Team’s last test day, one of the main focuses was testing an improved motor bracket. The vibrations caused by the engine throughout the last several hours 20160614_235414_Richtone(HDR)of previous testing lead to cracks forming in the frame tubes and the engine-mounting brackets of the team’s vehicle.

To solve this problem, the team has designed a split clamp motor bracket machined out of 6061 aluminum which clamps onto the frame tube. The new bracket has several advantages over the old one in that it’s more rigid, it does away with the stress concentrations associated with welding, and, unlike welding, it can be adjusted easily as needed with future use.

It was a bit of a process to make this update happen as the team had to disassemble the entire drive train DSC_0021-2and then cut out the old tabs. The final steps were to machine and install the new tabs and reassemble the power train. The test day was ultimately successful, with the new engine mount holding up well. Because of the positive outcome, we are likely to mount the entire 2017 season’s drive train to the car in this way! Keep checking back for our progress as we work towards our next competition in May.



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