Daniel Wigen

Dan is currently a third year student in Electrical Engineering and is the University of Victoria Formula Hybrid Team’s new Engineering Team Lead! With a strong interest in automotive battery pack design, his main project for the 2017 competition vehicle will be a new lithium ion based energy storage system. Daniel has been involved with the team since the spring of 2015 and took on the role of 12V Electronics Co-Lead for the 2016 competition vehicle. His previous projects have included the PCB layout, soldering and testing the switched power distribution board for the 2016 competition vehicle, and aiding in the design and implementation of the vehicle's low voltage wiring harness.

Forrest Trenaman

Forrest is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student with a strong aptitude towards mechanical design and manufacturing. He joined the team in January 2015, after completing two Co-op terms in the University of Victoria's Machine Shop, and having heard about the team from the 2015-2016 Team Leads. Forrest was the team’s primary CNC machinist for the 2016 competition vehicle and has taken on the Mechanical Lead position for the 2017 competition year. When he is not in the shop building parts for the vehicle, you can usually find him behind a camera or at the controls of a DJI Phantom 3 shooting photos and videos for the team. Someday Forrest hopes to own his own prototyping business so he can help people turn their ideas into a final product.

Rhye pic compressed
Rhye Rolls DeWolfe

Rhye is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who has been involved with the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team since September 2015. She has spent the last year eagerly learning about what it takes to build a hybrid electric vehicle and so far her projects have included a custom motor mount, chain tensioning system, and a new differential carrier. Rhye is looking forward to working on the mechanical powertrain and getting back in the machine shop for the 2017 season. Her favourite part about working with the Hybrid Team? Learning how to apply her classroom knowledge to real engineering problems!

Brendon Earl

Brendon is a third year Software Engineering student and joined the University of Victoria's Formula Hybrid team in the fall of 2015. For the 2017 competition year, he has taken on the position of Vehicle Communications Lead and as a result has been heavily involved in both the vehicle's telemetry and infotainment projects. In addition to his involvement in developing software for the vehicle, Brendon has also been instrumental in dreaming up, designing, and developing the team's new website! Brendon originally joined the team because he wanted to help build a race car and he knew he'd get an opportunity to think "out of the box" to troubleshoot the engineering challenges that accompanied the project. When he graduates, he hopes to work on renewable technology in the automotive industry and continue his work in web development.   

Oleg Matveenko

Oleg is a second year Software Engineering student and is another new face to the University of Victoria's Formula Hybrid team! Having just joined in September 2016, so far he has focused most of his efforts on our team's website re-design. As a result, he's had the opportunity to work closely with our team's Leads and Communications teams to ensure that the final product matches the vision and functionality everyone has been hoping for! Oleg was drawn to the Hybrid team by his real passion, cars, and he has his sights set on contributing to our vehicle's real-time software! In the future Oleg hopes to design controls for cars or planes in an industry setting and he's excited for the opportunities and hands-on experience being on the team provides.   

Riley Del Giudice

Riley is a third year Commerce student and first year member of the University of Victoria Hybrid team, having started with the team in Fall 2016! Because of his strong business theory background, Riley has taken on a leading role in recruitment, marketing, and branding; currently he is working on developing recruitment strategies that can be used across multiple academic disciplines. While a passion for sustainable vehicles drew him in it was the opportunity to use the skills he has learned as a business student, to work cross-functionally in an engineering team, that kept him interested. After he graduates, Riley hopes to pursue a career in marketing while simultaneously working on projects that contribute to sustainability in both local and global communities.

Tylynn Haddow

Tylynn is currently completing her third year at the University of Victoria, in Electrical Engineering, and has been involved with the University of Victoria Formula Hybrid team since the Fall of 2015. Her focus project for the team so far has been designing and building a printed circuit board to interface with the electronic throttle body!  She has also worked hard at sourcing sponsorship funding for our 2017 vehicle, from both the University of Victoria Student Society and APEGBC, and she has been involved in our team's website redesign project. Tylynn joined the Formula Hybrid team to get hands-on design and testing experience and to learn more about electrical systems in hybrid vehicles. In the future, she hopes to engineer systems that create sustainable, available, energy. Her ultimate goal would involve working for a company that focuses on sustainable electric transportation!

Eric Rojo

After previously completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Eric is an enthusiastic second year Software Engineering student at the University of Victoria. He is currently involved with the development and ongoing maintenance of both the telemetry and infotainment systems on the car, and has a strong interest in software systems relating to the automotive industry. His long term goals include developing software systems that improve automobile safety and working on developing technology aimed at improving vehicles powered by sustainable energy sources.

Kai Richins

Kai is a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Victoria and he joined the team in September 2016. Even though he is one of the new faces around the shop, he has already played a hands-on role with a number of projects - most notably the battery pack accumulator design! Kai is very interested in materials sciences and he was eager to join the team so that he could work with a group of people trying to improve upon and push the limits of something - he was also excited about the sustainable aspects of our car! What does he want to do after he graduates? Put something in to space!

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  • By jake - Reply

    congratulations for your win in the Formula Hybrid competition. I read the whole story in Race Car Engineering Magazine . Actually as a subscriber to that magazine and Race Tech Magazine, if you are interested, I have some issues I would like to give to the team. I also have books, more historical in nature, Sports Cars & Chassis Design, that is all about “space frame” design that could turn old idea into new? Interested? 250-474-5180, I can give more details about the articles in those magazines, if you are not already buying the magazine

    • By uvichybrid - Reply


      Thanks so much for your note and kind offer! We would love to add some new magazines and books to our collection. Someone from our team will be in touch with you after the long weekend. Thanks again – we really appreciate it!

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