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2016 Formula Hybrid – Day 2: First to pass all inspections!

by Quinn Nurmeste

DSC_0150 copyThe University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team had an extremely successful Day Two. The team, as usual, had the “late to bed, early to rise” mentality, but still, everyone was at the paddock by 8:00 AM and ready to work. There were several challenges that the team had to work out before the second electrical inspection. The biggest problem with the initial inspection was a few high and low voltage spacing issues in the accumulator. “According to the Formula Hybrid rules, there needs to be at least a centimeter between high and low voltage conductive material, so we made the modifications overnight to become rules compliant,” Zach Mazo, the team’s general manager, explained. The paddock was abuzz with the team’s energy and determination, even at the early hour, and the energy paid off; by the early afternoon, the team had passed the entire electrical inspection. There was no time to stop, so after a quick round of high-fives, the team walked the vehicle to another round of inspections.

The first inspection was the tilt test, where the racecar was tilted with a driver in it to forty-five and IMG_4447 copysixty degree angles to check for fluid leakage as well as to test the vehicle’s center of gravity. Next was the egress test, where the driver is tested for their ability to safely exit the car in under five seconds. After that came the sound test, where the exhaust at 8500 RPM and ready-to-drive signal were tested for volume. The final test was the brake test, in which the vehicle is driven at high speed and then braked so that all four wheels lock. The UVic Hybrid Team’s vehicle passed all of these inspections with flying colours, making us the first team at the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition to pass all inspections. After a quick team meeting and tidy of the paddock, the team was given the night off to go get some well-deserved sleep.

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