Initial Engine Dyno Testing Results

After several supply setbacks the powertrain group has got our 2014 KTM SX-F 250 engine on the engine dyno! The engine dyno allows us to measure power and torque output from the engine while monitoring fuel consumption, allowing us to quantify engine modifications and complete our initial powertrain modelling.

Our sponsorship from Miller Canada was pivotal to our success on the engine dyno. Miller Canada has provided the team with a Syncrowave 210 TIG welder for the 2015 Formula Hybrid competition, allowing us to weld our frame and other complex welded parts like our dyno coupler.

The dyno coupler plate was turned from 1.5″ of 6″ mild steel round stock with the support and use of the UVic Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop, and featuring a locating boss for both the engine and dyno-side. A stock KTM CS sprocket was modified by removing the teeth and adding a locating boss to insure concentricity between the CS sprocket splines and the dyno coupler plate. The dyno coupler plate and modified sprocket were then TIG welded together, allowing better control of the heat affected zone (HAZ) to reduce thermal warping and produce a more aesthetic weld.

The engine dyno testing frame was welded with our Millermatic 252 MIG with steel supplied by Metal Supermarkets, and sports Miller Blue colors!

Engine Dyno Set-up During End of Break-in

Initial engine dyno testing has yielded the following results:

Parameter Value (unit) RPM
Power 53 hp 12 500
Torque 20 ft-lbs 8 600

The KTM engine from Action Motorcycles has exceeded our expectations with maximum power values well above it’s competitors, and we’re thrilled with these results! The powertrain group will continue dyno testing in the new year to calibrate and optimize the following modifications:

– Electronic Throttle Body (ETB)
– ETB Throttle Body Adapter(s)
– Digital Ignition Coil
– MicroSquirt ECU
– Pneumatic Actuated Shifting
– Pneumatic Actuated Clutch Control
– Modified Cooling System
– Modified Extra-Capacity Charging System

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