Meet…our new Electronic Throttle Body!


20160707_230639_Richtone(HDR) 20160707_230229_Richtone(HDR)







By Quinn Nurmeste

For the 2017 season, the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team has designed a custom Electronic Throttle Body (ETB). “The ETB is responsible for mixing and regulating the air and fuel flowing into the engine”, explains Forrest Trenaman, one of the component’s fabricators. 20160708_001355_Richtone(HDR)“Currently the vehicle uses an ETB from a KTM 690 motorcycle; in this configuration there is a lot of external hardware required to make the KTM ETB work properly as it wasn’t designed to operate in a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) environment such as the one found on the vehicle”, Forrest says. A group of last season’s technical leads decided to use the custom ETB project as part of their Capstone engineering design project in their final academic terms, and won the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers Award for best engineering design and execution. The new ETB communicates over CAN bus and will allow for more enhanced customization going forward. Forrest worked on the CNC machining for the project, and is thrilled at how the design turned out. To read more about the award the engineering students on the team won for the ETB, check back soon.


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