AC Motor Controller

The Project

UVic Hybrid is currently in the process of designing a new and improved hybrid vehicle for the 2020 competition. The team is planning to switch the current electric motor to a higher power, 45 kW, three-phase permanent magnet AC motor.

Working in conjunction with the Engineering 4th year technical design project at the University of Victoria, a team was formed to tackle the challenge of designing a custom AC motor controller for the Hybrid Team. The overall objective is to design the necessary hardware and software to be able to operate the AC motor chosen by the UVic Hybrid Team with feedback control. The scope of the project will include the design of the motor controller hardware, software, and switching equipment.



Richard RietzeControl
Michal CeledaElectronics – Switching Hardware
Alex Melvin Control
Tylynn HaddowCase Design
Alexander Fung Electronics – Low Voltage
Akshdeep MaanFirmware
Philippe LarocqueElectronics – Protection


We would like to acknowledge a number of people without whom this project would not have been possible.

Thanks to Dr. Ilam Parithi for supervising the course and offering valuable feedback about the control system design. A special thanks to Dr. A. K. S. Bhat for supervising our project and providing us access to test equipment. We would also like to extend our thanks to the University of Victoria and the various UVic Hybrid Team members who assisted in this project.