We are a student-run team and are dependent on the support of our sponsors to help us complete our projects. A massive thank-you is owed to all the companies that have supported our team, past and present. If you think your company may be a good fit to help sponsor us with our projects, please contact us!


dSPACE is our premier sponsor for our vehicle supervisory controller. dSPACE has generously donated a MicroAutoBoxII, along with training for team members that allows us to carry out our extensive controls work and optimization. The UVic Hybrid Team is an extremely strong competitor in the area of Modelling and Controls, which opens a pathway for advanced hybrid powertrain efficiency and emissions optimizations. We use dSPACE hardware and software on a daily basis to make our vehicle prototype come to life.


Rainhouse has donated an exceptional amount of machining services to the UVic Hybrid Team. We think Rainhouse is by far Victoria’s best machine shop, able to produce parts of incredible complexity, and get them right the first time, on schedule. They do anything and everything from CNC Lathe work, to CNC Mill work, to EDM work. Without the support of Rainhouse, we would not be able to get our car ready in time for competition.


SolidWorks is a Computer Aided Design tool we use to design and model the vehicle. It is critical to every one of our component choices, for making sure everything works together in our highly integrated vehicle envelope. We also use SolidWorks simulation tools to perform Finite Element Analysis on the critical parts to make smart engineering choices about material choices, part design, and manufacture. We are incredibly thankful for SolidWorks donating this fantastic tool to our team!



As the exclusive PCB design software used by the team, Altium Designer has been instrumental in our success over the past few years. It provides students with excellent schematic and PCB design experience using industry-standard software. All in-house circuit boards used in the vehicle have been created with this tool, such as our power distribution boards and our custom accumulator management system.  The team thanks Altium for their continuous support over the years and looks forward to working with them in the years to come!



IEEE has generously contributed towards this year’s accumulator project. With their support, we will integrate our energy storage system to provide quick start up, faster acceleration, and regenerative breaking. Our team is extremely thankful for their sponsorship.


Miller has generously donated a Syncrowave 210 TIG welding machine for our team to use for this year’s vehicle build. We are using this welder to put together our frame and other vehicle components. The AC/DC capability lets us weld both chromoly steel and aluminum, for other lightweight vehicle components. The generosity and support we have received from Miller are truly impressive.


Praxair is the UVic Hybrid Team’s preferred welding supplier. They have provided us with welding consumables, gas, and other supplies with exceptional customer service and timelines. Praxair’s support has enabled our team to keep our welding cabinet stocked so that we can weld our frame and other critical components of the car.


Bender has graciously provided us with an insulation monitoring device used to make sure our electric powertrain stays safe in the car. They have also donated a day of electrical safety training for all members of our team, which is a huge help to make sure non-electrical members know the dangers of high voltage automotive systems.


Action Motorcycles has been a huge support to our team for everything related out our combustion engine. From the purchase of our KTM 250-SXF, to components for the engine, Action has been there to support us in everything we need to get our engine running!


KTM Canada has been instrumental in the support for purchasing and providing technical information about our engine. We selected the KTM 250-SXF for a number of technical reasons, but at the end of the day this is a fantastic engine from a company who seriously knows what they’re doing in the performance motocross game. Our engine from KTM makes more power stock than any other in-class competitor, and were really excited about that.

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