by Quinn Nurmeste

IMG_1368Brad is a fourth year electrical engineering student who holds the role of high voltage engineering lead on the University of Victoria’s Formula Hybrid Team. Brad is most proud of not just his work with a custom ultra capacitor accumulator this year but of the team’s successes. “We overcame major integration issues that came up while developing our tractive system, and for that I believe our team is incredibly impressive,” he explains. Brad joined the team in September 2014 to learn more about electric and hybrid vehicle technology because he is committed to helping to develop a more sustainable automotive industry. His favourite part about being on the team is the privilege of working with some of the University of Victoria’s most talented students. “Everyone on the team constantly pushes the boundaries of their skills and knowledge, and it helps me to push myself,” he says. When Brad’s not at the shop, he enjoys doing anything outdoors. Be sure to keep an eye out for Brad in our updates about the Formula Hybrid Competition!



DSC_3836 copyTed is a fourth year mechanical engineering student and is the engineering lead of the University of Victoria Formula Hybrid team, meaning he oversees all of the technical aspects involved with the vehicle’s development. He is also actively involved in the technical work itself, mostly related to electrical and powertrain integration. Ted is especially proud of all of the time and effort that has gone into the team’s custom accumulator. “It brought together all the mechanical and electrical skills that I’ve acquired while on the team into an tightly-integrated package,” he said. Despite being an experienced member of the team now, Ted actually didn’t know anything about cars when he joined the UVic EcoCar team, the predecessor to the UVic Formula Hybrid Team. Ted heard about the team through the engineering department in 2012 and when asked why he stuck around, he smiled. “The people,” he said. “They’re some of the best engineering students on campus, and I love working in such a success-driven environment.” When Ted’s (rarely) not at the shop, he is passionate about bike commuting and UVic’s Sailing Team. Be sure to check out Ted’s progress at the 2016 Formula Hybrid competition this week!