UVHT15 design, as of March 2015

The UVic Formula Hybrid vehicle is an Open-Wheel Single-Seater Plug-in Hybrid Electric Race Car. The vehicle is currently being designed from the ground up to provide high performance and exceptional efficiency in a single, highly integrated package.

UVHT15 design, as of March 2015

UVHT15 design, as of March 2015

Vehicle Technical Specifications

0-75m Acceleration: 4.8s
Mass: 280kg
Peak Power: 87 hp
Racing Fuel Economy: 7.47L/100km
Range: 44km
Ground Clearance: 76mm

Powertrain Components

The parallel powertrain in this vehicle uses a 250cc gasoline engine from a 2014 KTM 250-SXF motocross bike, with a 33kW Zero Motorcycles 75-5 electric motor, and a 3kWh Hengdong Li-ion battery pack.

The components and energy flows in the team's Formula Hybrid vehicle

The components and energy flows in the team’s Formula Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid Modes

Parallel Mode
The gasoline engine works together with the electric motor to both provide power to the rear wheels. This depletes the battery pack over time.

Conventional Mode
The vehicle is entirely driven by the gasoline engine. The electric motor spins but does not add or take away torque from the drivetrain.

EV Mode
The electric motor provides all the propulsion for the vehicle. The engine is de-coupled from the drivetrain with the clutch so it does not waste any energy.

Regenerative Mode
The electric motor slows the vehicle down by reversing the torque direction during braking. The first part of the brake pedal travel of the Formula Hybrid vehicle is entirely devoted to regenerative braking; only after this point are the mechanical brakes engaged. Unfortunately this creates two distinct regions of brake pedal feel, but it allows the driver to very precisely control his power usage for the endurance event.

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